18 Reasons Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dads

As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben once famously said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” few responsibilities are more significant than that of being a father. And while parenting should be a shared responsibility, fatherhood, however, gives a different depiction of what raising children should look like.

Take these dads on our list for example. From innocently drawing eyebrows on your favorite daddy’s girl to provide them with more expression to using them as a plate, these funny dad jokes seem to have no end to them.

#1 Two Kiwis

#2 Dad Left Alone With The Baby

#3 When Dad Is Giving Baby A Bath


#4 When Dad Gets The Kids Ready For School

#5 Problem Solved

#6 Ponytail Level: Dad

#7 My Husband May Have Gone Too Far In Dressing Our Son Like An Old Man For School Today

#8 She Wanted A Swing So He Became One

#9 I Left My Husband With The Baby For Ten Minutes

#10 The Only Way My 3 Day-Old Daughter Would Fall Asleep. After Two Hours Of Carrying Her Around I Got Hungry

#11 My Son Was Joe Rogan For His First Halloween


#12 Found My Husband Like This Getting Our One Year Old To Bed

#13 This Is How I’ve Chosen To Spend My Father’s Day

#14 I Asked My Brother How My Niece Was Doing And He Sent Me This. I Don’t Think He’s Taking Fatherhood Seriously

#15 You Can Tell Me I’m A Bad Dad But This One Is Staying In The Baby Album

#16 Mom Said The Kids Have To Stay In Bed

#17 That Is How Dad Solved The Problem

#18 My Attempt At Babysitting