An asteroid will pass closer than the Moon TONIGHT at 20,000 kph

According to NASA, an unusually big asteroid 2019 EA2 will make its close approach to Earth at 01:58 UTC on March 22. The asteroid is expected to flyby our planet at a speed of 5.37 km/s at a distance of 305 179 km, which is 80 000 km less than our distance from the Moon.

Asteroid EA2 was first discovered on March 9, 2019. It belongs to the Aten group of asteroids (a dynamical group of asteroids whose orbits bring them into proximity with Earth.) and could be up to 39 meters wide. Astronomers mark that this will be the closest approach of EA2 to Earth in the last 112 years.

In most cases, asteroids approaching Earth are too small and difficult to capture, but Asteroid EA2 is large enough to spot it well in advance. You can find it in the sky with the help of a telescope - the asteroid’s slow speed makes the process easier.

Happy hunting!