Genius Pillow Prevents Arm From Going Numb While Spooning

If your partner has ever complained about their arm going numb while spooning, they need a ‘Coodle Pillow’ in their life.

Most of us love a cuddle as there is something therapeutic, relaxing and comforting about being in someone else’s arms.

In the winter months cuddling is especially lovely, as you share your body warmth, keeping toasty despite the biting cold.

However, if you are the big spoon you often end up with a dreaded numb arm thanks to the little spoon laying on you.

This is exactly what Bob found out while cuddling his girlfriend Shirley, so he came up with a solution.

Cutting up some foam, Bob wrapped this round plastic he had bent in the oven, creating a tunnel shaped pillow.

The ‘Coodle Pillow’ was born.

Although Bob and Shirley received a patent for the product, all business plans were put on hold as they got married and had children.

But now the Coodle Pillow is back and available to buy on Amazon from $65.00

Although the Coodle Pillow is perfect if you are in a relationship, you can also enjoy it on your own, using it to prop yourself up while watching TV or to read.

Coodle Pillow’s official website describes the product as:

The amazing Coodle is a one of a kind pillow. Its revolutionary patented brace design system completely prevents the weight of your head or your cuddle partner’s head from squashing your arm. Now your arm won’t fall asleep or go numb. Snuggle comfortably all night long!
There are tons of uses for the Coodle. Use it while you side sleep or spoon with your partner. Prop your head up with a Coodle while watching TV or using your electronic device. Take it camping or on your next road trip.
The Coodle is made from high quality US made foam. The braces and cloth covers are created here in America and everything is assembled in the golden state.

Well, I know what I am asking for as a Valentine’s Day gift!