20 Photos Which Prove That Nature Doesn’t Care About What People Want

It’s always easy to think that nature will benefit us in so many ways. However, it’s not always true because, sometimes nature is having a little bit of fun with us, playing with our head. Nature appears to have a perfect sense of humor that any humorist would be jealous of.
Auxx me has found proof that nature can be really creative.
1. Hurricane Ophelia flooded a meadow with apples in Ireland
2. “I came to work, and the door was protected with snow. It’s my off day”
3. What do you do when your life insurance doesn’t cover natural calamities?
4. Waterfall or ice fall? Anyway it is frozen
5. Is it Tiramisu in Africa? Sand nicely covers the snow into a delicacy
6. It is just the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia
7. Maybe a 3D model of Snow
8. Xavier, a very exact storm
9. snow fell in a very thin line in Ohio
10. What a Rainbow! win glitters everything in gold
11. Looks like rain turned this yard into a van Gogh painting
12. Seems like a little rain in Ireland. Ducks are having fun!
13. This is the rainbow dome in the sky in Australia
14. Kamchatka and the mysteries of the whipped clouds
15. Did we ever think that Hurricanes are creative enough to change the landscape design a little?
16. Having a good shower after ages
17. Oh Lord! trees can’t read
18. Steve Jobs is not resting in peace, it seems
19. Store enough Butts, and you wouldn’t need LED bulbs
20. It’s the toilet in heaven, seems like Someone is flushing the toilet