This Deaf Guy Adopted A Deaf Rescue Puppy And Taught Him Sign Language

A lot of people are now acknowledging the importance of adopting dogs from shelters rather than buying them from stores and breeders. Many are instinctively drawn to giving homeless or abandoned animals a new forever home where they will get the love and care that they deserve.
But here too are hang-ups. Older dogs and dogs which are sick or disabled are often left out because they don’t seem adoptable enough. Not many people are willing to take up the responsibility of looking after them, which makes it all the more heartwarming when one of them gets a new home.
Nick Abbott is a 31-year-old from Maine who was born deaf. Recently he brought home a new best friend in the form of Emerson, his dog who is also deaf. The good people at the NFR Maine, which rescues and fosters animals, managed to free Emerson from a Florida shelter when he was barely a month and a half old. He was then sent further north. An adorable black Labrador mix, Emerson was suffering from canine parvovirus as well as seizures. But he was a plucky little chap and as soon as he fought off these issues, he was on the adoption list.

Speaking to ‘Good Morning America’, Lindsay Powers, who works at NFR Maine, said that they discovered that his hearing was impaired after he came back from the vet. They weren’t sure if he had been born with a disability or if something had happened to his hearing when he was younger. However, Emerson doesn’t let that get in his way at all and he loves living just like any other pup out there. Luckily for him, even though his life till recently had been quite difficult, he got the happily ever after he deserved.

Powers posted about Emerson on social media in March hoping that he’d get a good family. Within a few short weeks, Abbott reached out to them asking about Emerson. He immediately told them that he was also deaf and he felt like he could bond with the pup. Powers herself was very happy and she finished all the adoption procedures in less than 24 hours.


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