Bears Kept Stealing Guy’s Honey So He Enlists Them As Taste Testers

Bears Kept Stealing Guy's Honey So He Enlists Them As Taste Testers

A beekeeper is giving the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears a contemporary twist.

We all know the tale: a little girl finds a house while walking in the forest. She knockss the door and enters, but nobody is in. So, like any good person, she eats their porridge, sits in their chairs and sleeps in their beds.

The kicker of the fable: three bears live in the house. Goldilocks awakes from her slumber to find the peeved animals, and escapes, never returning to their home again (she should have been eaten).

Well, Ibrahim Sedef, a beekeeper from Turkey’s northeastern province of Trabzon, had a bear problem: they kept stealing his honey.

Ibrahim Sedef Bear Honey Story NTV

No matter what he did, those pesky bears would not stop going for the beehives under the cover of darkness. Steel cages? The bears toppled them. Reinforce them with cement? The bears dug around the soil and toppled them again. Place them out of reach? The bears climbed the trees.

Sedef eventually realised it was a losing battle – but turned it into an experiment.

According to NTV, Sedef said:

After all the trouble they went through by climbing that tree, I’ll just let them. I promise, from now on I will feed them. In spite of what happened, when I watch the recorded moments, I forget all the damage they caused me and I love them.

Bear Honey Story

Sedef’s idea is genius: he turned the bears into honey testers. Who knows which honey is best better than a hungry bear?

It turns out that Sedef’s sweet-toothed friends enjoy Anzer honey, which is more expensive, over cherry blossom honey.

Watch the full video from Demirören Haber Ajansı below:

It’s nice to see Winnie the Pooh’s legacy being brought to life.