Horse Collapses After Pulling Tourist Carriage In Heat

Distressing footage shows the moment a horse collapses on the street after pulling a wagon full of tourists in hot weather.

The clip was shared on social media by an animal rights activist last week (June 22), and shows two adults attempting to free the horse and trying to get the animal to drink water.

The incident happened in Charleston, South Carolina, where temperatures are expected to exceed mid-30°C’s later next week.

You can watch the moment it happens below (warning, distressing content):

In the footage posted by Julie Marie Cappiello, members of the public – as well as the Charleston Fire Department – can be seen rushing to the horse’s aid as it lies motionless on the hot tarmac.

A woman narrating the video can be heard saying: ‘Children on the carriage. The horse is down. He should not be working. Unbelievable’.

As people attempt to free the horse from its restraints, the people who were previously sat on the wagon the animal was pulling get off, leaving the carriage empty.

While doing so, an unknown person can be heard shouting: ‘take a car, take a f*cking car,’ to which one of the crowd shouts back: ‘f*ck y’all’.

As well-wishers pet the horse in an attempt to comfort it, the woman narrating the video urges them to stop doing so and leave it to cool down.

The video ends with the horse still lying in the middle of the road, unconscious as people attempt to detach the animal from its restraints.

So far, the video has been shared almost 70K times, with thousands commenting and labelling the incident as ‘disgraceful’ and wishing the horse well.


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