Call For Pamplona Bull Run To End As Doomed Bulls Vomit Blood Through Their Noses

Animal rights campaigners are calling for an end to the notorious Pamplona bull run after pictures showing the horrifying injuries sustained by the animals emerged.

Although more than a million tourists visit the Spanish city for its famous bull run each year, many are not aware that the 48 bulls which run through Pamplona in the morning are forced to endure its agonising bullring in the afternoon.

To highlight the cruelty these bulls face, activists from Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture) have recorded the event in a bid to show tourists what they’re supporting.

The doomed animals can also be seen stumbling around as the matadors prolong the bull’s suffering by failing to deliver a coup de grace on their first attempt.

The final bull run concluded on Sunday (July 14), with thousands of people running alongside the bulls through twisting streets until they eventually reach the bullring, where all of the bulls were speared to death.
Now, campaigners are calling for an end to the event, which is the most famous part of the annual San Fermín festival. Marta Esteban of Animal Guardians said the few tourists who did make it to the bullring left soon after, horrified by what they had seen.

Marta explained:

Most only go to the running, they probably don’t even know that there are bullfights. Some go and come out shortly after, disgusted. Our videographer had some Americans in front of him who did just that.

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