Baby Weasel Caught Riding On A Woodpecker's Back

The animal kingdom never fails to surprise and these photographs are no exception. Martin Le-May, a casual photographer from East London, snapped a baby weasel enjoying what looks like quite an enjoyable ride on a woodpecker’s back. While it may seem cute and sweet, the truth behind the images is actually a lot more disconcerting.
The Sinister Truth
Although it looks like a moment from a Disney film, the baby weasel and woodpecker are actually in a fight for their lives. The little weasel is hungry and wants to make a meal out of the woodpecker. Meanwhile, the woodpecker simply wants to live to see another day and so they are locked in a battle to the death.

Perfect Moment

The miraculous moment was caught on camera just by chance. While Le-May was enjoying a peaceful story with his wife around the park, he heard an animal in distress, which is when he stumbled upon the scene at Hornchurch Country Park. After taking a look around, they spotted the scramble between the two creatures taking place.