Trophy Hunter Who Killed Sleeping Lion Identified

The man responsible for the slaughter of a wild sleeping lion has been identified online after footage of the trophy hunt resurfaced.

His name is Guy Gorney, he’s 64, and he lives in Manhattan, Illinois, but spends a proportion of his spare time trophy hunting.

Footage from one such outing in Zimbabwe has recently gone viral, after the Twitter account @Protect_Wldlife reposted the clip, believed to have been filmed in 2011.

The video shows Gorney pointing a rifle at a sleeping lion while he’s being coached to shoot using wild animals as targets.

He fires one shot, which wakes the lion up, who arches its back in pain and looks around to find the source of the shot.

The hunter then fires a second and third shot, and the individual guiding Gorney tells him to stop. The voice can be heard saying, ‘Okay, okay, don’t do any more’ before congratulating Gorney on killing ‘a very nice lion’.


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